The Roagna Manifesto


Bottling using low sulfur and no filtration or fining

Our native varieties of grapevines yield grapes high in tannins which after a long maceration and aging in large wood casks create wines with structure and complexity.

These qualities protect the wine from oxidation during maturation thus allowing us to use minimal levels of sulfur. In some wines we are not required to add any sulfur because there is already enough natural sulfur in the wine.
We attempt to use the lowest levels of sulfur possible, while maintaining the integrity of our wines for long aging. We mostly use sulfur to protect our wines from mold and bacteria.
Dolcetto matures for about one year, our white wine for two years, and our Barbaresco and Barolo wines for at least five years. After such long aging times there is no need to filter or clarify our wines because the wines are perfectly clean.