The Roagna Manifesto


Long aging in large oak casks

Our family follows a precise set of rules about aging our wine in large oak casks. Each wine should reach full maturity in wood and each single vineyard should express it’s own identity.

Our Pira and Asili vineyards are based on purity and elegance and thus typically require three to four years large oaks before they reach their full expression.
The Crichet Pajé, Pajé and Montefico vineyards need longer ageing due to their structure and complexity thus requiring between four and ten years of ageing in large oak casks.
Each wine requires it’s own time and we don’t follow a strict set of rules; however, we often look to our family history when considering the attributes of each unique wine.
We follow tradition by putting our wines in large cement caks to rest before bottling.
When a wine has reached full maturity, usually in the summer, we bottle the wine.
We meticulously select our wood which is often aged for up to ten years from a selection of suppliers who then hand build each large wooden cask. The staves are bent using steam instead of toasting which ensures that our wines mature slowly and maintain the purity of our wine without offering any wood flavors.