The Roagna Manifesto


Massale Selection

We believe that the beauty of a wine begins with a concert played by thousands of unique grapevines where each individual vine interprets their own personal subsoil.

Different rootstalk present in our vineyards have been created using the wood of older vines found in our vineyards which contain site specific geographical indications. This maintains a diverse population in order to ensure biodiversity and the expression of each individual plant. The beauty of our native variety grapevines in the Langa is derived from centuries of adaption to the our land. We consider this essential to keep the plants that have adapted to each single vineyard. The common practice in our vineyards does not mix or modify the rootstalk; instead we create new plants from our old vines using clippings which have already proven historically to be perfectly adapted to each single vineyard parcel..

In 2012 we began a trial using seeds harvested from the fruit of our oldest vines found in several different parcels in order to create the next generation of vines. This was a practice of monks centuries ago and it is still very important to create the next generation which will help to preserve, and potentially even increase, the biodiversity of our vineyard in the coming years.