Purity from the terroir without any oak flavor

The Roagna Manifesto


Old Vines

We believe that in order to express our terroir it is essential to work with old vines which at our estate are often more than fifty years old: the individuality and beauty of a particular vineyard occurs when plants have extremely deep root systems.

The Langhe soils are of composed of a marine sedimentary origin which contain layers of calcareous clays alternating with bluish gray marl and sands. The authenticity of each unique expression comes from small differences in the subsoil. It is easy to understand how a fifty year-old grapevine with roots growing down into many different sedimentary layers can draw unique nutrients and trace elements specific that give that vine distinct characteristics.

Our vines are not fertilized or irrigated. The topsoil is covered with grass which challenges each vine to search deeper for nutrients.