We believe that the perfect habitat for plant and animal life is the forest.

We want the vines in our vineyards to grow in symbiosis with grasses, micro-organisms and animals. Precisely the way it has always been, ever since man began cultivating vines thousands of years ago.

The first step when it comes to respecting a plant, is to respect everything that surrounds it. We believe in the importance of fully grassing the vineyards, with no mowing, as this is the only way to ensure the growth of numerous herbaceous varieties and contribute to the maintenance of specific habitats.

In spring, the vineyard becomes a garden, with hundreds of different flowers and species balanced in perfect harmony with each other. We do not fertilise the soil because we do not want lazy plants with shallow roots. On the contrary, we need vines with deep root systems and grassing is very helpful in this sense, as it encourages the roots of the vine to penetrate deeper into the ground.

Like our ancestors, we use copper and sulphur to treat fungal diseases.