The grapes are harvested when the berries reach perfect physiological maturity.

We are not interested in assessing the sugar content of the berries, as this could mislead us. In very hot years, in fact, the sugars ripen before the grapes reach optimum noble ripeness.

Ever since we were children, at home we were taught to pay particular attention to the skin and pips when tasting the grapes: only when they have a woody, crunchy texture has the bunch reached its optimum physiological ripeness.

Old vines, massal selection and naturally fertilised vineyards allow us to harvest the grapes at perfect physiological maturity, with a moderate potential alcohol component, malic acid content close to zero and good tartaric acidity.

The grapes are harvested entirely by hand, in 10 kg crates. Each bunch is placed gently in the crate to prevent the berries from splitting and then transported to the cellar to be destemmed and crushed.

In the most “challenging” vintages, the grapes undergo three selection and cleaning triages before being crushed.