The beauty of a wine comes from a concert played by thousands of different vines. Each one interprets the subsoil in its own personal way.

The vines in our vineyards originate from the mother-vines of our geographical mentions, maintaining a heterogeneous population that guarantees the biodiversity and expression of each individual.

The beauty of the native Langa varieties also lies in their gradual adaptation over the centuries. This is why it is common practice in our land parcels not to mix the vines of the different mentions, but to preserve the plants historically present on the same piece of land.

In 2012, we launched an experiment with vines from seed, sowing pips from the grapes of the oldest and most interesting vines in our vineyards to generate new seedlings. This practice, once common in ancient monasteries, is still essential in order to safeguard (or even increase) biodiversity in the vineyard.