Barbaresco Asili

The name Asili (Asei) is derived from the Piemontese dialect and it is one of the historic vineyards located within the village of Barbaresco.

Asili is located in the Southern of the area of the village. Our parcel in Asili was purchased by Giovanni Roagna in 1961.

The total surface planted for our portion of the vineyard is 0.22 Hectare (0.54 acre) and it has a Southwestern exposure with an altitude of 250 Meters above sea level. There are two roads that divide the hill into the three sections. Our section of the vineyard is located exactly in the middle of the historic part of the hill of Asili.

The soil was formed during the Tertiary (Cenozoic) period approximately seventy-million years ago as a result of marine sedimentation founder under the ocean which covered all of our land. The vineyard is next to the area of fortresses and follows the hill of Pajé. The chalky clay soil, typical of this part of the village, has thick veins of sand. Here we have old vine Nebbiolo.



Map of the vineyard