Barbaresco Pajè

The name Pajé is derived from the Piemontese dialect which signifies our historic vineyard. The Roagna family has own this historic land in the village of Barbaresco since 1953.

Paje is located at the exact geographical center of town. The vineyard is South – Southwest facing and the soil is composed with a high content of calcareous marl soil and active limestone which is found specifically in the Crichet Paje portion of the vineyard.

Pajé is the historic vineyard on our property where there is a larger concentration of limestone. The soil was formed during the Tertiary (Cenozoic) period approximately seventy-million years ago as a result of marine sedimentation founder under the ocean which covered all of our land. The hill of Pajé is the perfect example of a hill in Langhe: a wonderful piece of land protected from the wind by the surrounding hills and facing the Tanaro river valley which mitigates the cold winters and hot summers.

The vineyard is an amphitheater and has an average altitude of two-hundred and thirty (230 meters) above sea level which is traditionally perfect here for growing grapes. The Nebbiolo vines are planted on 1.83 hectares (4.52 acres) and near the bottom of the amphitheater we have Dolcetto vines with an average age of over 50 years.



Map of the vineyard