Roagna wines

Barbaresco Montefico Vecchie Viti


The name Montefico is derived from the local dialect, which historically were used to name each parcel of land. Montefico is one of the historic vineyards of the village of Barbaresco and it located in the Eastern portion of the area planted to vines.

Montefico has calcareous marl soils with a good amount of limestone. Our parcel is in the shape of a triangle and is exactly in the middle of the hill in the middle part of the amphitheater facing the village of Neive. Our portion of the vineyard covers an area of 0.24 Hectare (0.59 Acre). The parcel was purchased by our family in 1929.

The vines for this wine have a minimum age of 50 years, thus considered old vines, and are regenerated using the massale wood system by pruning the vines within the same vineyard.

The harvest takes place in October, by hand usually in the morning once the fruit has reached perfect ripeness. Before being made into wine we manually select each berry in order to have perfect fruit.

Fermentation takes place exclusively in large wood casks thanks to a pied de cuve created from our indigenous yeasts. This lasts for ten days and then we use the ancient technique of maceration by splinting the submerged cap process which lasts for at least two and a half months, (70-90 days). The wine is then aged in a neutral oak barrel for approximately 5 years.

The production of bottles is extremely limited, often only about one thousand bottles per vintage.

We number each bottle on the label .

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