Roagna wines

Langhe Bianco


Our vineyard for Langhe Bianco sits next to the fortresses of Barbaresco, facing East, with limestone clay soil and a significant presence of sand.

Our Langhe Bianco is made with Chardonnay vines that date back to the mid ninteen-eighties as well as a small percentage of Nebbiolo.

Harvest takes place in September, usually in one day, when the fruit has reached perfect physiological maturity.
The fruit is placed gently into small containers. Before being made into wine we manually select each berry in order to have perfect fruit.

Fermentation last about ten days and takes place exclusively in large wood casks thanks to a pied de cute created from our indigenous yeasts. The wine is then aged in a neautral oak barrel for about two years.

The production of bottles is limited to no more than six thousand per vintage.

We number each bottle on the label.

Data sheet (Download pdf)