Roagna wines

Opera Prima

Opera Prima was created in the late 1970’s by Alfredo Roagna with the idea of assembling great vintages of Nebbiolo for Barbaresco in order to build a wine that can boast beauty from an array of different vintages.

Typically we assemble the wines from a minimum of two to four unique vintages. Opera Prima represents a Roman numeral from Opera Prima the third.

We source the wine from old vine Nebbiolo planted in Paje, Asili, and Montefico.

Harvest takes place during the month of October when the fruit has reached perfect physiological maturity. The fruit is placed gently into small containers. Before being made into wine we manually select each berry in order to have perfect fruit.

Fermentation takes place exclusively in large wood casks thanks to a pied de cuve created from our indigenous yeasts. This lasts for ten days and then we use the ancient technique of maceration by splinting the submerged cap process which lasts for at least two to three months, (70 – 90 days). The wine is then aged in a neutral oak barrel and when it is perfect the wine is assembled into the blend.

Data sheet (Download pdf)