The name Asili comes from the piedmontese dialect (asei). It is one of the historic Barbaresco vineyards.

Positioned to the south of the village’s vineyard area, it is the plot of Barbaresco purchased most recently by our family, in 1961, by Giovanni Roagna.

The total surface area is 0.22 ha, with south-westerly exposure, positioned 250 m above sea level. It is located in the historical part of the Asili hill, right at the heart, halfway up. Two roads cut through this portion of the hill, dividing it into three parts: the bricco (the upper part), the heart and the lower part.

The soil is of Tertiary (Cenozoic) origin, formed around 70 million years ago by marine sedimentation. The vineyard is close to the “rocche” area and runs along the Pajé hill. The calcareous clay soil, typical of this area, features veins of sand in layers, which convey finesse to the wines. This land parcel is planted with old Nebbiolo vines.

Map of the vineyard