The name Montefico originates from the piedmontese dialect (mont der fi), which was the name historically given to land parcels planted with vines. It is one of the historic Barbaresco vineyards.

Our vineyard is located exactly halfway up the hill, in the central part of the amphitheatre facing the village of Neive. It covers an area of 0.24 ha and was purchased by our family in 1929.

The Montefico vineyard is currently the vineyard that has been vinified longest by our family.

The vineyard traces a small triangle facing south-east at 230 m above sea level. The soil is of Tertiary (Cenozoic) origin, formed around 70 million years ago by marine sedimentation. The Montefico vineyard is located in the northwest part of Barbaresco, where there is a good presence of marl in the calcareous clay subsoil. Montefico is planted with old Nebbiolo vines, some of them having been there since immediately after the advent of phylloxera.

Map of the vineyard